Filmisch portret van Hans Klein Hofmeijer door de ogen van filmmaker en fotograaf dre didderiëns nu online te bekijken.
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A silent film by Dré Didderiëns about artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer.
Full HD / 16/9 small format
Black and white – colour
27 minutes
Camera, sound, compilation and editing: Dré Didderiëns
Design and production packaging: Mark van den Eijnden and Gijs Wortel

A Silent Language is an 27 minute long, a-typical portrait in which the creation of art by visual artist Hans Klein Hofmeijer is made visible, palpable and experienceable.
Through his own unconditional acceptance of calm, peace and stillness and through the pure observation of the other through the lens of his camera and through registering all the natural sounds, Dré Didderiëns reaches the core of the creative artistry of Hans Klein Hofmeijer. Through constant movements and slow repeats , new images, traces and forms are created while the birds are singing with abundance outside, old floorboards creak dangerously inside, the rain lashes on the windows, waves break on the beach and pens and pencils scratch ceaselessly and rhythmically on paper.

A human says so much just through body language, hand gestures and walking directions that the spoken word literally becomes superfluous. With A Silent Language, through showing just body language, largely in black and white, Didderiëns offers the viewer the possibility to come to totally different, wordless insights.

Rick Vercauteren
Director Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo

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